80s Shapes No3 – PinHoods™ Playfield Cover

80s Shapes No3 – PinHoods™ Playfield Cover


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Protect your playfield from harmful sun rays, UV light and dust with our PinHoods™ pinball glass covers. Suitable for a whole range of different pinball machine games with a cool 80s Shapes No3 style design. See further details below.


Forget all about colors fading on your beautiful playfield artwork and plastics with our PinHoods™ playfield cover that blocks all harmful UV rays, dust, dirt, and can even be used a work mat when repairing your game. These cover mats are printed with a permanent eco-solvent ink that are resistant to moisture and cleaning, combined with a material rated for outdoor use (up to 25 years) make our PinHoods™ super durable and a great investment to protect your games.

The unique designs add interest to your games when not in use, rather that the plain black covers available elsewhere. How boring!

Additional information for PinHoods™ playfield protector covers:

  • 80s Shapes No3 style design of classic 80’s artwork.
  • Made from non-slip PVC free material.
  • Can be wetted and wiped clean when dirty.
  • Blocks 99% of all harmful UV rays.
  • Made to standard body length and with.
  • Fits 100’s of pinball machines.
  • Can be used as a work mat.

Be sure to check out our whole range of designs that are currently available – and we’re adding new ones all the time!

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions102 × 56 × 0.3 cm
Game Manufacturer

Fits All

Game Name


Game Year

1980 – Present

Game Type

Pinball, Virtual Pinball

Electronics Type

Electro-Mechanical (EM), Solid State (SS)

Product Brand

Retro Refurbs


Addon Mod