February was a busy month for arcade releases and now we’ve got something for March as Step Revolution has announced (thanks to Ted H. on Discord for sharing the tweet) that the deluxe model of their Step ManiaX game is now shipping. The original game was released in 2018 and the company has kept a steady pace of shipments on the original cab up to now. Here’s the cab as seen on the UDC website (well, with the logos removed 😉


The DX model debuted at IAAPA 2022 and as you can see from the cab image above and the video below, it’s the same game as found on the SD model, but with a bigger screen, a more powerful sound system, and lots more LEDs. The game will be selling at a competitive price ($12~13k) and a number of places have already ordered one. The game is still receiving monthly song updates, with the total roster approaching 400.

On videos, the first one shows Kyle Ward playing the game at IAAPA 2022; The second one is some new footage I recently found that I had shot at IAAPA but hadn’t previously published.

What are your thoughts on this new release?

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