It’s been quiet on the site over this last week, but that was because I took a well-needed vacation down to Moab, UT. It was quite an adventure that’s pretty much in the backyard of where I live, although I had not been to the specific area despite being from Utah. I didn’t see a single arcade machine in the town, but I believe that there is a bowling alley down there with some, I just didn’t go and check it out. We had more than enough to keep us busy, so that is why there was no Newsbytes this past weekend, as I was busy avoiding heatstroke in Arches Nat’l Park. Funny enough, we had our own dinosaur adventure by visiting the new Paleosafari Moab Giants dinosaur park that’s about 9 miles north of the town. They did have a 5D experience that was neat, a virtual aquarium of ancient dinosaur aquatic life, that ended with a neat Megadon piece. We also visited a couple of stores that had dinosaur bones for sale, which will lead us into the story after these pics:

Stern Pinball recently announced that they are producing a new pinball machine based upon the Jurassic Park license. Today, they posted two new videos to showcase the gameplay and features of the Pro and LE models. They are much more detailed than the previous trailers that we saw, allowing you to have a much more solid idea of what these games feature. Let’s start with the Pro:

Then there is the Limited Edition (which has the same playfield as the Premium, but with a few more extras).

By the information I’ve gathered from a person in my network of distributor contacts, Pro models should start hitting locations by the end of this week/beginning of next. Premium/LE always take a