Stern Pinball have revealed a new version of their 2017 release, Star Wars.

The original Star Wars game featured artwork created by a number of different artists in collaboration with Lucasfilm. Creating a design which was acceptable to the licensor was a rather fraught process, so it’s a little surprising that Stern have sought to revisit the game using a whole new art package.

Rather than the movie-based designs of the first models, artist Randy Martinez has drawn a new look based on the popular Star Wars comic universe.

Randy is a well-respected comic book artist with thirty years’ experience, twenty of those creating designs for Lucasfilms.

The new Comic Art Star Wars games come as Pro and Premium models, each with their own distinctive cabinet, translite and backbox design. The original Limited Edition version was restricted to 800 machines, and Stern have opted not to produce a second LE model this time.

The Pro’s cabinet and translite concentrate more on the lightsaber battles, while the Premium focuses on the battle to destroy the Death Star.

The left side of the Pro model

The front view of the Pro model

The right side of the Pro model

The left side of the Premium model

The front view of the Premium

The right side of the Premium model

The playfield artwork is also new and identical on the Pro and Premium models, although the decals on the apron and back panel do differ.

The Pro playfield

The Premium playfield

Playfield detail from the Premium model

Playfield detail from the Pro model

More of the new playfield artwork

Drop target decals

Playfield artwork in the pop bumper area

The new playfield artwork for the game’s main characters

The playfield layout is also unchanged from the earlier Star Wars release. It is believed the animations and graphics on the LCD displays have also not changed, featuring clips from the first three movies rather than any animated comic storylines.

Playfield art on the Premium

The prices of the two new Star Wars models are the same as the original designs at $5,999 and $7,599 for the Pro and Premium respectively.

Here’s how Stern announced their Comic Art edition of Star Wars.

Stern Pinball Announces New Star Wars Comic