Apologies for the lateness on this particular post – the news came out this morning when I was busy scouting a new (second) location for my business. Everything continues to move along well there, although now is where the tougher parts begin of paperwork and spending money on an electrician, signage, flooring and possibly more games.
Anyways, after a brief delay in the announcement due to the untimely death of actor Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Stern Pinball pulled the curtain back on the Keith Elwin designed Avengers: Infinity Quest this morning, complete with a video and info blitz to detail all of the model variations to everyone’s satisfaction.
As mentioned in the headline, this is the second time that Stern has worked with the Avengers license, the first time it took a movie based approach while this new one features a hand drawn art package by Zombie Yeti, and follows the comic books instead. It’s a three flipper game and overall looks pretty sleek. From a little checking, fans seem pleased with this one, although it’s a little surprising to have the game when it feels like TMNT was just released.

As you can see from that, the game comes in the typical Pro/Premium/LE formats, with Prem/LE adding a subterranean tunnel and changing up the ramp action a little. No matter which model you go with, they are all nice wireforms & metallic; You also get the Dr. Strange “kinetic sling ring” spinner device. If you want a more detailed look at the features for each: Pro Features / Premium & LE Features

Stern has also been keen to release more official accessories for their games, getting ahead of the mod market by doing so (although we still see plenty of mods anyways). With this release, they have a trailer just for the accessories,