(Thanks to Jdevy for highlighting this – I would have posted earlier, but didn’t check my YT subscriptions today)
If I were to ask you, the readers, which games you hold the most fondness for, I know that answers would vary widely. Even then, there are certain titles that will show up frequently across top 5 or 10 lists. One of those is certainly Sega’s Crazy Taxi. The style of play that CT embodied (essentially an open world driver for arcades) is something that has become a bit of a lost art in recent years, as most drivers have stuck to a familiar formula of closed or open circuit racing. The only exception to that has been Batman.
Until today, where UNIS unveiled their own modernized take on Crazy Taxi that they are calling Crazy Ride. I need to reiterate, there is no indication that Sega is involved with this title – it is entirely UNIS’ own design by what we see here. The similarities with CT are something that fans will easily catch, but there are some differences that we’ll get into. Trailer first, then we’ll talk:

Going with the ride sharing idea is clever and current, while allowing the player to choose from a variety of cars (instead of just sticking to a taxi). The basic premise appears to be the same – pick up a ride share request, then get them to their destination as quickly as is possible, regardless what might be along the way (that said, by this trailer there does seem to be a lack of obstacles/objects that you can drive through, but we’ll have to wait and see).
The boost ramps and nitro also make a difference, throwing in those elements that most modern arcade racing games do incorporate.
I like the graphical fidelity by the preview, although