Sega’s racing games from the late ’80s and early ’90s occupy a special place in many retro gamers’ hearts — with good reason. Titles like Power Drift, Super Hang On, OutRun, Virtua Racing and Daytona USA all pushed the racing game genre in a variety of different ways — and were some of the most impressive arcade games of their respective eras, to boot.

Now, an independent Japanese game developer known as either Twinker Telling or Miso (depending on where you stumble across them) has decided to pay homage to these classics in a seriously impressive way — through a completely unofficial port handled entirely by themselves.

Although Tiny Power Drift, as the project is known, is a little shrouded in mystery due to the combination of the language barrier and the fact that Miso (as we shall refer to them hereafter) is not exactly forthcoming with either download links or a website for the project, there are certainly lots of videos to enjoy both on Twitter and YouTube.

Here’s just one great example, featuring the courses from Virtua Racing adapted into Power Drift’s distinctive 3D sprite-based style.

Miso’s reticence to post links to downloadable versions of the project is presumably down to a desire to avoid cease and desist letters from Sega. Numerous other fan projects from over the years have been shut down by original IP owners, so it’s a sensible precaution to take; if it’s demonstrated as a purely “personal” project via the medium of video, though, there’s less for Sega to get upset about.

Miso claims that the project has been 30 years in the conceptual stages, but ended up taking just four months to create — and it seems that it’s finally entering the final stages of development. Whether or not we’ll ever see an actually playable version available to the public remains to be seen — but in the meantime, we can enjoy the fruits of Miso’s labours via their videos.

And perhaps we can all cross our fingers to hope that Sega takes note of this project in a positive way and snaps up Miso’s impressive work for an official “new” Power Drift game! Stranger things have happened, after all…

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