While flat & head-mounted displays soak up most of the attention for new products in the arcade sector, the existence of alternate forms of display tech catch our attention from time to time. One of the more exciting prospects has been that of “holograms,” or more appropriately, volumetric displays. We have covered volumetrics previously with Voxon Photonics and their VX1 display, where they have continued to develop on the technology. Now, they’ve reached a new milestone in their work with the Voxon Z3D.
First shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 event, the Z3D uses the latest iteration of the VX1 volumetric display. This generates true 3D images with depth, and does not require any wearable item like glasses to view. For those who like a more technical description, here’s a piece from the press release (the full PR can be found below):
The Z3D is a swept surface volumetric display, and is powered by the Voxon Photonics Engine. This engine comprises an ultra-high-speed digital projection system, CPU, volumetric graphics engine and reciprocating light diffuser. Volumetric images are created by projecting slices of light at 4,000 frames per second onto a moving screen. The images diffuse at precisely the right position in physical space, and through persistence of vision, the human eye blends them together, resulting in true three-dimensional digital objects that can be viewed in the same way as one would view a real object, from any angle, and without special goggles or glasses. The Z3D supports multi-user interactivity for gaming and other interactive applications.
Of course while talking about it is nice, seeing it is even better:

With it being available for purchase, I did ask them a couple of questions that potential buyers might be curious about. First, does it have a coin slot? The answer is not by default, but