Now that a few standard type arcade machines have had their day in the sun, now its time for some Virtual Reality arcade machines to get some attention as they begin shipping out into the world.

Sailor’s Quest VR (UNIS)

First spotted at IAAPA 2022, Sailor’s Quest VR can best be described as Deadstorm Pirates in VR, as you and another player can take to the virtual high seas in a swashbuckling search for treasure. The game also uses a motion bench seat; Players control the action using mounted guns instead of reworked VR headset controls or a gesture sensor. I’m not sure what the price is for this one however.

You can read a few more details about this game at its official product page, although I am not sure how many levels it has to play. UNIS also posted this sales video that shows it off if you are interested.

SpongeBob VR Bubble Coaster (Rilix/Andamiro USA)

Here’s another that debuted at IAAPA that I had thought would be carried by Rilix themselves as they already had been selling their standard VR coaster into the States. However, Andamiro USA does handle licensing for everything SpongeBob when it comes to coin-op so perhaps there was an issue raised there but now it’s been resolved as Andamiro is now shipping out these units to locations. They will also showcase the game at two upcoming tradeshows, one of them being Amusement Expo (which is the last week of March in Las Vegas). I’m also unsure of the price on this one but I’ve already seen non-SpongeBob themed Rilix VR coasters out in the wild, even locally. This particular one has 3 film rides for it; Read up about it here.

I thought I had filmed this at IAAPA’22 but it turns out I only grabbed a photo; In the case of both games, I did not play them due to being under-the-weather at the time but where both will be at Amusement Expo, I’ll give them a spin then (assuming I don’t get some sort of head sickness again).

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