It’s time to do something unusual for the site here – give away a prize! Thanks to Eugene Jarvis and Raw Thrills, I’ve been hooked up with two physical copies of Cruis’n Blast on Nintendo Switch, signed by the man himself, Eugene Jarvis. At the moment I’m just giving one away – then we’ll see what to do about the other. Until then, this video has all the details on how to get 1-3 raffle entries for the giveaway, which I will do live on YouTube next week, December 6th.

In case anyone is wondering “why?,” I had the idea to do this when the 1 year anniversary of the Switch game launch came around although it was already a little late. As things worked out, Eugene was kind enough to bring the games to IAAPA so I could make use of them; I would have done this earlier but my voice really went out (still isn’t 100% back).

Good luck!

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