As we end September and approach IAAPA, arcade news tends to pick up a little, although the way things are shaking out economically, I’m not anticipating it being as strong as it was say 2018/19.

Raw Thrills Launches Series 4 Cards For Injustice Arcade

The images are self-explanatory but if you have an Injustice Arcade machine and want to grab the latest series of cards, contact your distributor.

I’m not sure if Series 3 did the Gear Cards and Super play, or if this is new

I’m still not sure when Series 2 for Minecraft Dungeons Arcade will launch but it should be before the end of the year.

New Cabinet Shot For Fast & Furious Arcade

We haven’t heard much about the new Fast & Furious Arcade racer that Raw Thrills unveiled at Bowl Expo ’22 earlier this year but now we do have a cabinet shot that looks close to final production (note that something could still change by production time). This was posted to AVS Companies, an arcade equipment distributor:

As a bonus, here’s something I was wanting to share for a while but got sidetracked. In the August 2022 issue of Replay Magazine, MOSS Distributing ran a F&F ad. It is interesting that we’re seeing these revelations come through distributors who aren’t named Betson, since most of the time RT & Betson have that close relationship. MOSS is also running a finance deal:

Fast & Furious Arcade does not have an announced release date as far as I am aware at this moment but the assumption is that it will officially launch in November at IAAPA 2022.

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