Following our reveal of Stern Pinball’s latest title, Jurassic Park, earlier this week, today the company made their official announcement about the game, giving more details of the features across all the versions and some high-resolution photographs.

The playfield overview pictures aren’t much better than the ones we brought you earlier, but here they are anyway.

The Pro version’s playfield

The Premium version’s playfield

The Limited Edition version’s playfield

This is a Keith Elwin designed game which is based on the Jurassic Park storyline without being a movie licence. It doesn’t feature any of the actors or even any footage from the movies, instead using in-house animations to recreate key scenes. It does, though, include music from the movies composed by John Williams.

Starting with the Pro model, here are some pictures showing features on the playfield.

The inlanes on either side are covered by large T-Rex plastics, which we imagine will make saving the ball from bouncing down the outlane a little harder. However, this does give the slingshots a little extra depth.

There is also an up-post in the left inlane. This lane activates the Smart Missile when lit, so this presumably holds the ball and gives time for the Smart Missile’s effects to be displayed to the player.

The lower left flipper area on the Pro

There’s no up-post on the right side, but the skinnier Raptor plastic over the inlane looks less obtrusive than T-Rex on the left.

The lower right flipper area on the Pro

Above the right inlane is the helicopter which is a flat plastic on the Pro, but an interactive moving feature on the Premium and LE.

The helicopter feature on the Pro

The rotating blades of the helicopter on the Premium/LE

The blades of the helicopter look a little ‘industrial’ in their construction with a nut and bolt added to one of the four blades presumably as a weight to ensure they settle in the same orientation each time.

The biggest differences between the models have to be the way the T-Rex model operates and the Raptor Pen feature.

The T-Rex on the Pro is a static model sitting over the left ramp, but on the higher variants