Hello humble readers of the arcade world, and welcome to another exciting summer edition of Newsbytes. This is the last for July…yep, it’s already over. As we head into the winding down part of the year, game news should certainly pick up as IAAPA 2019 approaches.
On a note,  I am working on a video that’s a little different from the norm that will be covering computer & arcade graphics. I hope to have that up this week, but no guarantees. I hope that it will be the first in a series of videos that dive much deeper into aspects of arcades than I’ve previously done. The one about gameplay should be most interesting
Let’s get to it:
Direct footage of Mario & Sonic 2020 Olympics
We spoke about Sega testing the upcoming Mario & Sonic 2020 Olympics game (I’ll skip writing out the whole title for now ) earlier this week, and as soon as the test began, some Japanese media sites began promoting the game with some screenshots. The official website itself also received an update, including a small 9:16 direct capture video embedded into the site. It was savable, so I took that and spliced in some photos and text for this video below. There are only four events in this version, but they always test the stuff that’s workable and leave other events for later. I also noticed that the frame rate of the direct capture was subpar, but that will certainly be ironed out by the time it releases. I have reached out to Sega for a comment on this, but so far nothing to tell on the possibility of a Western release right now.

CAX 2019 Is On!
The longest running arcade collectors expo is in full swing as I type this, running today and tomorrow in Santa Clara,