March is usually a time that pinball fans get some new goodies to talk about, although that hasn’t completely been the case for the past few years. As the norm returns, each major manufacturer has new games to tease and to show(although at the moment it’s more of the former), so let’s take a quick look at what we’ve got:

Stern Pinball

The other day it was announced that the rock band Foo Fighters would serve as the next theme for Stern. Earlier today,  they revealed a slow burn rollout of news on the game that will take place over the next week – however on Facebook they seem to have contradicted part of this by saying that all photos and information will be released tomorrow on their website. Here’s the news for today, the songs that will be available:

Jersey Jack Pinball

For JJP’s part, they have only teased this image below on social media, leading to speculation  on the theme, with The Godfather or John Wick taking the lead in guesses, although there are signs just as well that it could be a Harry Potter pin. Either way the designer is Eric Meunier per the rumor mill – Steve Ritchie is supposed to making something too, so one has to wonder when that table will be announced. What do you think it will be?

American Pinball

Last but not least is American Pinball with Game #5. It is not clear what this is at the moment – it seems to be original – and it stars one Kerri Hoskins of Midway fame (she was best known for portraying Sonya Blade in MK3 & 4 but also starred in some other Midway titles). I am also not familiar with the other names on the roster of actors but hopefully we’ll know what it is soon enough. Just note that this is only found on Facebook and Instagram at the moment – those don’t always embed properly so in case that doesn’t work, try this direct link.


There isn’t a whole lot to go on at the moment but I imagine that curtains will be drawn back soon. Unfortunately, both Jersey Jack and American do not have booths on the current Amusement Expo 2023 map, however, their new games could show up at a distributor booth. If not, then I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to see either of these. As I’ve mentioned in some recent videos, with as much as a new pinball machine costs versus how little they make, I’m not really shopping for a table right now (perhaps I’d do a trade on the right piece). That aside, more options are great for the market, particularly for collectors – what do you think about these, from what we know so far?

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