Following several teasers, Stern Pinball officially revealed Foo Fighters pinball today.

The first Foo Fighters trailer video.
The second video: are you ready to fight? which describes the story in the game.
The official features video for Foo Fighters.

As can bee seen in the video above, Foo Fighters pinball is available in three models: Pro, Premium, and a 1,000-unit Limited Edition. As always, the Pro Edition is the most economical edition, containing less features. The playfield for the Premium and LE games is the same, but the LE has more custom features. For details, see the feature matrix below:

The Foo Fighters feature matrix.

To fully understand the feature matrix, it helps to see what the playfield of the game looks like. See below:

The Foo Fighters Pro playfield.
The Foo Fighters Limited Edition playfield.

Foo Fighters pinball is designed by DeadFlip’s Jack Danger, who is also designed Stern Pinball’s Jurassic Park Home PIN game. Jack has been toying around with pinball design ideas on his DeadFlip Twitch channel, and several elements on Foo Fighters may be familiair to those who follow this channel.

The artwork on the game is by Zombie Yeti, who has worked on quite a few pinbal titles for Stern Pinball the passed couple of years.

The game includes 15 full-length Foo Fighters song, which the player can select at the start of a new ball. The songs featured in the game are the following:

Foo Fighters pinball song list.

Below is Stern’s schedule of events for this week, which already seems incorrect as the game features video is already available. Photos will become available tomorrow.

For more info on Foo Fighters from Stern Pinball, check out the the article Pinball News wrote on the game, and the Stern Pinball website and Facebook page.

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