As our earlier reports detailed, the Museum of Pinball’s collection of more than 500 pinballs and 900 video games was to be auctioned off over two three-day sessions at the Museum’s location in Banning, California.

The Museum of Pinball in Banning
The Museum of Pinball in Banning

The auction was widely publicised, locally, nationally and even internationally. This was expected to bring large number of interested bidders to the Captain’s Auction Warehouse website where the catalogue of items under the hammer is available to browse and online bids can be placed.

Some of the hundreds of pinballs at the Museum
Some of the hundreds of pinballs at the Museum

Viewing began at midday yesterday, Friday 10th September, with the first lot – a The Amazing Spider-Man pinball – auctioned at 3pm, reaching a price of $3,500. In total, 130 pinballs and video games were sold on Friday.

Prices were expected to be at the top end of expectations, but the widespread interest, extensive publicity, historical importance and large number of inexperienced bidders saw hammer prices exceed even those lofty values.

In addition to the hammer price, a buyer’s premium of 18% and 7.75% sales tax need to be added, along with any shipping fees for buyers unable to collect their purchases themselves.

Below we have the auction lots, hammer prices and total prices (excluding shipping) for the first 130 items sold, courtesy of Captain’s Auction Warehouse. The total collected on Friday was $535,534.74 including buyer’s premium and tax.

The auction continues today and tomorrow (Saturday & Sunday) with viewing from 9am and the first lot of the day being auctioned at 11am. The second auction session is in two weeks’ time on 24th-26th September, with the same viewing and auction hours.

LotTitleHammer PriceTotal Price
1The Amazing Spiderman Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,500.00$4,450.08
2Superman Pinball Machine Atari SS$3,700.00$4,704.37
3Sky Rocket Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,600.00$3,305.77
4Nitro Ground Shaker Pinball Machine Bally SS$2,300.00$2,924.34
5Eight Ball Champ Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$2,300.00$2,924.34
6Waterworld Pinball Machine Gottlieb$4,900.00$6,230.11
7Time Line Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$2,800.00$3,560.06
8Spanish Eyes Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,700.00$3,432.92
9Algar Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
10The Red Max Rare Pinball Machine Bally$5,900.00$7,501.56
11Spin Out Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,700.00$2,161.47
12Special Force Pinball Machine Bally$1,900.00$2,415.76
13Harlem Globetrotters On Tour Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,800.00$4,831.51
14King Kool Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,900.00$2,415.76
15Escape from the Lost World Pinball Machine$2,800.00$3,560.06
16Scorpion Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
17Comet Pinball Machine Williams$3,000.00$3,814.35
18Hollywood Heat Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,500.00$4,450.08
19Monte Carlo Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,400.00$4,322.93
20Big House Pinball Machine Gottlieb #1$5,300.00$6,738.69
21Diamond Lady Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,800.00$4,831.51
22Ready Aim Fire Rare Pinball Machine$2,900.00$3,687.21
23Jacks To Open Pinball Machine Mylstar$2,800.00$3,560.06
24Lights Camera Action Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,000.00$3,814.35
25Gladiators Pinball Machine Gottlieb$2,900.00$3,687.21
26Silver Slugger Pinball Machine Gottlieb$2,900.00$3,687.21
27Big House Pinball Machine Gottlieb #2$2,800.00$3,560.06
28Rack ‘Em Up Pinball Machine Mylstar$2,300.00$2,924.34
29Super Orbit Pinball Machine Mylstar$2,300.00$2,924.34
30Operation Thunder Pinball Machine Gottlieb 1992$2,300.00$2,924.34
31Q-Bert’s Quest Pinball Machine Gottlieb$8,800.00$11,188.76
32Rock Encore! Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier$3,300.00$4,195.79
33Excalibur Pinball Machine Premier SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
34Spirit Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$6,300.00$8,010.14
35Black Hole Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,800.00$4,831.51
36Haunted House Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$5,500.00$6,992.98
37Ice Fever Pinball Machine Premier SS$2,500.00$3,178.63
38Pink Panther Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$4,300.00$5,467.24
39Rocky Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$10,000.00$12,714.50
40Touchdown Pinball Machine Premier SS$2,900.00$3,687.21
41Bounty Hunter Pinball Machine Premier SS$2,400.00$3,051.48
42Surf N Safari – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,600.00$4,577.22
43Class of 1812 – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$4,600.00$5,848.67
44Title Fight – Pinball Machine Premier SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
45Cactus Jack’s – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
46Raven – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$2,400.00$3,051.48
47Gold Wings – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$2,700.00$3,432.92
48Cue Ball Wizard – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier$3,900.00$4,958.66
49Barb Wire – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,600.00$4,577.22
50Rescue 911 – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,700.00$4,704.37
51Street Fighter II – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$4,800.00$6,102.96
52Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street – Pinball Machine Premier SS$5,800.00$7,374.41
53Stargate Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$5,300.00$6,738.69
54Fast Draw – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,500.00$4,450.08
55Vulcan Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,100.00$3,941.50
56Dragon – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
57Jungle Queen – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
58Bronco – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$4,200.00$5,340.09
59Super Soccer – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
60300 Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
61Jet Spin – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
62Target Alpha Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
63Gridiron Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
64Close Encounters of the Third Kind Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$4,000.00$5,085.80
65Close Encounters of the Third Kind Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,200.00$4,068.64
66Pyramid Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
67Cleopatra Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,200.00$4,068.64
68Cleopatra Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
69Gotcha Classic Atari Arcade Game$4,900.00$6,230.11
70Bagman Classic Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
71After Burner Classic Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
72Ataxx Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
73Slither Classic Arcade Game Rockola$3,000.00$3,814.35
74Eyes Classic Rockola Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
75Jump Bug Classic Rockola Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
76Nibbler Classic Rockola Arcade Game$2,700.00$3,432.92
77Pengo Classic Sega Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
78Warp Warp Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
79Amidar Classic Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
80Lost Tomb Classic Stern Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
81Silk Worm Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
82Amidar Classic Upright Arcade Game Stern$1,000.00$1,271.45
83Scramble Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
84Super Cobra Upright Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
85Samurai Arcade Game$9,900.00$12,587.36
86Shinobi Sega Classic Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
87Congo Bongo Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
88Buck Rogers and the Planet of Zoom Sega$1,600.00$2,034.32
89Sega Turbo Outrun Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
90Outrun Sega Racing Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
91Monte Carlo Arcade Game$3,200.00$4,068.64
92Power Drift Sega Driver Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
93Great 1000 mile rally Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
94Great 1000 mile rally2 Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
95Championship Sprint Atari Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
96Double Axle Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
97Midway’s Shuffle Board Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
98Willow Arcade Game Capcom$1,700.00$2,161.47
99Chicago Coin’s Junk Yard Mechanical Claw Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
100Star Wars Trilogy Upright Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
101Midway’s Chopper Mechanical Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
102Chicago Coin’s Deluxe World Series EM Pitch n Bat$2,000.00$2,542.90
103Midway’s Blue Shark 1978 Classic Arcade Game$9,900.00$12,587.36
104The Real Ghostbusters Dedicated 3 Player Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
106Zwackery Classic Bally Midway Arcade Game$8,300.00$10,553.04
107Varkon Pinball Arcade Game Williams$11,000.00$13,985.95
108Alien Syndrome Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
109Berzerk Classic Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
110Tac Scan Arcade Game$4,700.00$5,975.82
111Asteroids SEGA Classic Arcade Game$5,600.00$7,120.12
112Narc Classic Williams Arcade Game$3,400.00$4,322.93
113Super Zaxxon Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
114Moon Patrol Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
115Blaster Classic Arcade Game Williams Rare Dura Plastic Cabinet$5,100.00$6,484.40
116Motorace USA Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
117Stargate Defender Classic Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
118Zektor Arcade Game$7,500.00$9,535.88
119Sinistar Classic Arcade Game Williams$3,800.00$4,831.51
120Robotron 2084 Arcade Game$3,500.00$4,450.08
121Bubbles Classic Williams Dedicated Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
122Midnight Marauder Classic Arcade Game$3,800.00$4,831.51
123Exerion Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
124Mr Driller Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
125Solar Quest Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
126Rip Off Classic Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
127Star Castle Classic Arcade Game$5,100.00$6,484.40
128Armor Attack Classic Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
130Tail Gunner Arcade Game$6,800.00$8,645.86
131Piranha Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
131ANintendo Red Tent Classic Vs. Goonies, Vs. Hogans Alley Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
The lots, hammer prices and total prices for the games from the Museum of Pinball’s collection

We’ll update this Pinball News report with the prices from Saturday and Sunday at the end of each day, as well as the prices from the second auction session in two weeks.