Hello, and welcome to another exciting edition of Newsbytes. This is a collection of quick arcade/pinball news items to get you caught up.
While you might not expect a collector/fan focused event to be the source of new game unveils, that has certainly become the case in both video and pinball. The Texas Pinball Festival (TPF) is underway this weekend, and we have a couple of items to discuss from there.
Also note that this coming week is Amusement Expo International 2019 in Las Vegas. I’ll be posting a preview of what to expect there on Monday.
VPCabs Reveals Dead Man’s Hand
Let’s start with a new video game. VPCabs is a company that has mainly focused on creating cabinets for virtual pinball games, in both pinball-style cabinets and unique upright models. There are exceptions to that rule, as they also are serving as the manufacturer for the Woody model of Cosmotrons.
They are not just focused on cabinets however, as they branch into new coin-op video titles. Using their Vertigo upright cabinet design, they have unveiled Dead Man’s Hand, a virtual version of the physical/mechanical game they sell of the same name. This is essentially a new version of Taito’s classic bar game, Ice Cold Beer; the artwork and sounds were developed by Scott Gullicks of Riot Pinball. I will have more details on this one next week for it’s own post, so until then, here’s a video the company shared to their Facebook page.

Jersey Jack Pinball unveils The Wizard of Oz: Yellow Brick Road Edition
Headed to TPF to unveil their latest project, Jersey Jack unveiled a third Limited Edition model of their popular Wizard of Oz machine, the Yellow Brick Road edition. This follows the original LE and the 75th Anniversary models. This features a bright yellow glittery trim to represent the iconic