Welcome to another weekend edition of Newsbytes, quick collections of news items from the arcade world. This one is being published a day late from the usual, as I have been caught up in a busier weekend than normal with it being back-to-school weekend in my area. But, better late than never as the saying goes:
Nippon Marathon Turbo On Test This Week In Japan
News on the Exa-Arcadia platform and it’s games has not been super plentiful for most of the Summer, but it appears that is starting to change as more games hit the testing circuit in Japan. Previously we heard about Aka & Blue getting some additional changes made to it along with some tests, and now the odd 4-player party game known as Nippon Marathon Turbo is on test all this week at the Mikado Arcade in Tokyo. It’ll be interesting to see how this one does, given the multiplayer “party” nature of the game.

是非ご参加ください!#EXA基板 pic.twitter.com/2gb4TWrdvs
— exA-Arcadia公式 (@exaarcadia) August 18, 2019

Speaking of Japanese arcades, Bemanistyle.com shared this article from the Japan Times that delves into how Japanese arcades are surviving the modern age – by building a community of players and tournaments.
Golden Tee 2020 Preps For Launch
We’re almost into September, which means the annual launch of the latest Golden Tee arcade game is upon us. If you follow Incredible Technologies on social media or YouTube, then you’ve probably been seeing a lot of posts showing off new courses and features. Let this just server as a reminder that the world’s more popular golf video game is about to get that new version(we’ll have a post about it when it’s time):

Digging Up Some Arcade History
With my home PC on the fritz and behaving strangely this week, I had to go through the hard drive to make sure certain files