Disclaimer: The following post shows an arcade game that is on test and is not currently available for purchase. The game might change in a number of ways by the time it’s released, or it might not be released at all. Also, due to more shady websites out there re-using our posts without credit or permission, I’m having to be a little more aggressive on the use of watermarks for the images. 
It is no secret that Play Mechanix and ICE Games enjoy a solid relationship, having been involved in creating a number of games together over the years. The most recent collaboration between them was Centipede Chaos, which launched just a couple of months ago; today, we have the fortune of looking at their next unique game. Thanks to mynameisru/John Bachman & SaraAB87 for the pics! John also provided some video; Sara’s photos are the ones that used a flash. Click on any image to embiggen it.
Tetris has also been a staple in gaming in every format you can think of; back in 1988, both Atari Games and Sega had their own versions of the concept out to arcades; various other companies have also produced official variations on the name. The last time that we saw Tetris in the biz was with Tetris: The Grand Master 4 in 2010, which was on sale at the same time as Sega’s Giant Tetris.
2019/2020 will see the return of the series to arcades, primarily as a videmption game with Tetris Dimensions.

Per mynameisru, here is what he experienced in coming across the game:
This past Saturday I was at the Walden Galleria Mall in my current hometown of Buffalo, NY which happens to have a Dave & Buster’s. While passing through D&B I noticed a new game called “Tetris Dimensions” that I’d never seen before.