[Thanks to Jdevy for the tip] NOTE That this page has been updated with additional information since it was first posted this morning.
Well news sure slowed down this week, although by a few things accumulating here and there (news items I’m trying to get more information on) might mean we’ll have a busy weekend.
Disclaimer I’m putting on all beta/test games now: The product shown in this post is in an early test/pre-production state. It may change significantly by the time it hits production, or not even be released. 
If you’re really into redemption gaming, then you have plenty of reason to be excited, as the FEC-focused market continues to create more content for winning tickets than playing just for fun & points. This latest title also dives into a genre that has been touched on a few times in arcade video games, but like various genres, not something that has been done in quite a while – surfing. The sport has been featured far more prominently in pinball than in video games up to this point, although games like Sega’s Soul Surfer and Namco’s Samurai Surf X tried to fill that void 18 years ago with full-sized simulators.
UPDATE: I was contacted by an anonymous tipster who sent along a couple of photos of the game on test at a Dave & Busters location. The name has been changed to Surfin’ Surfari, while the cabinet now sports updated artwork as well as added LED’s to the surfboard controllers (click to enlarge):

Original post: So let’s get to The Big Kahuna. The only info we have about it comes from this video below, where it was found on test at the Badger Sports Park in Appleton, WI. It doesn’t have any branding on it from what I can see, but from the style