Welcome to another weekend and another Newsybtes. This is where I compile quick news that usually doesn’t need a full post to discuss it, so these are all combined together.
It was a very busy week, so in case you missed a story published since the last Newsbytes, here’s a summary:

Bust-A-Move Frenzy Seen On Test
Taking A Closer Look: IGS & UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR
Book Review: Arcade Perfect: How Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat And Other Coin-op Classics Invaded The Living Room by David Craddock
Stern Pinball Pulls The Curtain Back On Elvira’s House of Horrors
Let’s Talk About: Graphics
UNIS Producing A 2-Player Version Of Fantasy Soccer

And now, onto the news:
YouTube Milestone
I just wanted to thank the 7,000+ people who have subscribed to Arcade Heroes on YouTube! I’ve had the channel since 2007 and no, it’s not the biggest/most watched arcade-related channel on the web, but I’m grateful to have you follow it. If you don’t, then join in the fun! To reminisce a little, here’s the very first video of the channel, taken with a really crappy camera. The same camera was used when I attended my first trade show in 2008, but that’s often cringe worthy to watch. Fortunately, my camera quality and work have improved a little since then.

I do intend to do something with live streaming here soon…I just need to find the time and figure out a configuration that works, as I have attempted to do a livestream a couple of times to no avail. It’s not a perfect platform, but it is the biggest, so I’ll figure something out to start doing some additional content of interest.
And yes, I still have videos uploaded to alt sites like BitChute and DailyMotion (I tried Vimeo too, but the limitations on a free account just don’t fit with what I do; overall, just