It’s about that time for Stern Pinball to reveal their next game, as it is Spring, and they tend to do such unveils about now. If that’s your expectation, then you won’t be disappointed, as the company has released this non-game, non-playfield trailer. Here it is, then we’ll discuss a little of what we know beyond this:

I have been hearing rumors about this for a little while now – such rumors have went that Steve Ritchie saw Pat Lawlor making a non-licensed game with Dialed In!, and with the old friendly rivalries coming back, set about cooking up his own thing. I’ll have to ask if there’s any truth to that story when I visit the Stern Pinball booth this week in Vegas
Black Knight was originally designed by Steve Ritchie and released back in 1980 under Williams; a sequel (also designed by Ritchie) by the name of Black Knight 2000 was released in 1989. Sword of Rage will make this the 3rd in that illustrious line-up, with the teaser above giving off a vibe from Stern’s many rock band/heavy metal pins.
Interestingly enough, Williams holds the license to this one as we see at the end there – so I guess that technically, this is not a non-licensed pin.
Hopefully, this new piece will be at Las Vegas for Amusement Expo this week. What are your hopes for this new game?
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